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Ulari-manager configuration

ULARI Radio Interface is controlled by ulari-manager Linux daemon process which exchanges data with on-board Atmega microcontroller. This small microcontroller is responsible for LED control, PTT method selection, SQUELCH detection, external DS18x20 readout, etc. Daemon configuration is stored in proper configuration file, so let's issue a command:

root@nanopiduo:~# mcedit /etc/ulari-manager.conf

No we are going to explain configuration parameters. Configuration lines starting with # are comments and are ignored by configuration parser.

# Device version
# DEVICE 0 - Microsat ULARI Radio Interface
# DEVICE 1 - Microsat ULARI Transceiver VHF7W

For ULARI Radio Interface we need to leave it set to 0. Other values are for further hardware use.

# Selects the PTT mode
# PTTMODE 0 - PTT on separate output
# PTTMODE 1 - PTT via 2K2 resistor on audio output

It selects between PTT output on a separate MINIDIN6 connector pin (like for Kenwood standard radio cables) or PTT connected to audio output via 2k2 Ohm resistor (like for Icom handheld standard). This selection works the same way as in my previous devices like WX3in1 or PLXTracker line of devices.

# Signal level on audio input to be recognized as squelch open
# Allowed values: 0-8 (in 0 then SQUELCH open)
# for ULARI Radio Interface it is based on audio input level

Currently it is only used as a squelch indication on SQ yellow led on a front panel (Direwolf doesn't use squelch input as it detect channel busy state in software).

# Maximum TX time [s] (timeout-timer)
# Allowed values: 0-600 (if 0 then TOT disabled)
TOT 10

TOT limits the maximum time of radio PTT keying. This additional protection prevents radio station from damage if something goes wrong in the software and PTT remains keyed for a long time. This is managed by on-board Atmega microcontroller so it is independent from software running on to of Linux module.

# Number of bits for temperature from DS18x20 connected to THERMO input
# Allowed values: 9-12 (default for DS18B20 is 12, for DS18S20 is 9)

This selects a type of digital thermometer connected to rear panel THERMO input and it allows to correctly compute the temperature based on binary measurements.

After making changes we can restart the Direwolf daemon with following commands:

root@nanopiduo:~# service ulari-manager stop
root@nanopiduo:~# service ulari-manager start

or restart whole ULARI Radio Interface with:

root@nanopiduo:~# reboot

Data gathered by ulari-manager

ulari-manager reads sensor data from Atmega microcontroller and stores them in temporary files:

  • /tmp/ulari-exttemp - THERMO input temperature measurement in binary format,
  • /tmp/ulari-exttemp-c - THERMO temperature converted to Celsius degrees based on number of bits defined in THERMOBITS parameter,
  • /tmp/ulari-vdet - input voltage in Volts.

Above files are generated by ulari-manager when run and are updated every 1 second.

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