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 === ULARI Radio Interface photos === === ULARI Radio Interface photos ===
-{{:​ulari_vhf7w_01.jpg?​300|ULARI ​Radio Interface ​front view}} +{{:​ulari_vhf7w_01.jpg?​300|ULARI ​Transceiver VHF 7W front view}} 
-{{:​ulari_vhf7w_02.jpg?​300|ULARI ​Radio Interface ​rear view}} +{{:​ulari_vhf7w_02.jpg?​300|ULARI ​RTransceiver VHF 7W rear view}} 
-{{:​ulari_vhf7w_03.jpg?​300|ULARI ​Radio Interface ​PCB view}} +{{:​ulari_vhf7w_03.jpg?​300|ULARI ​Transceiver VHF 7W PCB view}} 
-{{:​nanopiduo.jpg?​200|ULARI ​Radio Interface ​NanoPi Duo module}}+{{:​nanopiduo.jpg?​200|ULARI ​Transceiver VHF 7W NanoPi Duo module}}
 === NanoPi Duo pinout === === NanoPi Duo pinout ===
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