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Direwolf configuration (basic)

Now we need to change the APRS application configuration to reflect our station settings. For this we will use a text editor to modify Direwolf configuration file. All Direwolf settings are saved in a text file with a particular format and we need to change them carefully to avoid problems. We are going to use a Midnight Commander editor which is a profanity for a real Linux administrator but I like it for it's similarity to old DOS editor and file manager :D

root@nanopiduo:~# mcedit /etc/direwolf.conf

Direwolf configuration in Midnight Commander editor

Using a text editor you need at least to change following lines in Direwolf configuration:

  • MYCALL - to your callsign with SSID,
  • IGLOGIN - to your callsign with SSID and APRS-IS password,
  • PBEACON - to reflect your beacon settings, comment field is a beacon text.
APRS-IS password used in IGLOGIN field must be generated for every callsign used to connect to APRS-IS. Password generators should not be freely accessible to everyone to avoid abuse but well… search in google and you will find without problems (I just checked that it's true).

Generally Direwolf configuration file is a complicated matter which allows to do a lot of things with this advanced APRS software but you need to learn the syntax from available internet sources and documentation, this is how Linux world works… :)

After making changes we can restart the Direwolf daemon with following commands:

root@nanopiduo:~# service direwolf stop
root@nanopiduo:~# service direwolf start

or restart whole ULARI with:

root@nanopiduo:~# reboot

What's next

If you are going to use ULARI Radio Interface with your radio station, then next step would be to get familiar with audio volume control.

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