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[Update 15 May 2021] ULARI Radio Interface device was discontinued because the manufacturer of Linux-based boards for these devices (NanoPi Duo modules) stopped manufacturing them without any earlier notice. Please check out my ULARI ECO Radio Interface for similar functionality.

ULARI Radio Interface Software

Our main purpose is to use the device as an APRS station, digipeater, and I-Gate. For this function we are going to use an Armbian Linux distribution and a really nice Open Source Direwolf application written by WB2OSZ. Direwolf is an advanced 300/1200/9600 baud APRS packet modem which uses software DSP routines for packet decoding.

 APRS packets received by ULARI

ULARI Radio Interface Linux image files

Image files for ULARI can be found here: ULARI Radio Interface Linux image files.

Decompressing ULARI Radio Interface Linux image

Linux image files are compressed with 7-ZIP archive software so you need to decompress it to get a full .img file containing the uncompressed image. This image must be decompressed before writing to SD card or it will not work.

Writing software to SD card

If you bought the device from me, then the pre-programmed card should be already inserted to “SD CARD” slot and you can skip this chapter.

Linux image file can be copied to SD card using your PC card reader as many times as you like. This means that you can play and experiment with your system as much as you want and get back to a clean installation if you have any problems.

For writing a Linux image to SD card we will use a Win32 Disk Imager which is a free image writer for Windows. All you need to do is to select a proper image file and SD card drive letter.

Writing Linux image using Win32 Disk Imager

After writing the image to SD, you can use a “Verify” button to make sure that everything was written correctly. Then put the SD card into ULARI SD card slot and then connector power to the device.

Do not switch SD card when ULARI is powered or you can damage both your card and microprocessor module.
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